CS 372: Module 1: Python Basics Part 0

Module content developed by Professor Tralie. Module engine developed by Professor Tralie and Professor Mongan.

Below are videos/notes reviewing what we did in class on the first day. Feel free to watch them, and click Next button to continue when you're finished.

Longitudinal Waves

Below is the video of explaning how audio pulses move through the air as longitudinal waves to reach our microphones

Audio Reverse Game

Also, feel free to play around with the Audio Reverse Demo. Here's a video explaining it from when we did it back in spring 2021


  • Audio is commonly sampled at 44100 hz, or samples per second. In other words, the computer (via an "analog to digital converter") measures the position of the microphone fiber 44100 times per second, and this gets stored as a 1D array in the computer.