Assignment 1: Risset Beats

Musical Statements

"Contrary Tone"

by Josh


by Ethan


by Ben

"Slow Shuffle"

by Mike

"Stella Stella" (By Hoshimachi Suisei)

by Dylan


by Connor

"The Solitary Reflection"

by JavascriptGuru2022

"The Pokemon Theme Song: Challenged Accepted and Succeeded"

by Hannah Jeffers

"Clocks Intro"

by David


by Kacey

"Mary's Lamb"

by Emily Musgrove


by Abby

"Pantheon Champion Theme from League of Legends"

by Brenden

"Buddy Holly"

by A


by Anonymous

"Creepy circus intro"

by Roger


by Anonymous

"Matt Wallace"

by Matt Wallace


by James

"Early Morning Quiet"

by Henry