Assignment 5: Let It Bee

Musical Statements


by Josh

"Kind of Something"

by Anonymous

"Whopper Whopper"

by Anonymous


by Mike

"Bully, By the DeadBees"

Original song: いじめっ子Bully (Lofi version) by Calliope Mori

by Dylan Flink

"The Bees in Winter"

by MATHCSGuru2024

"Fin It Bee" / "Low"

by Diane

"Mega Moon" / "Mega Bees"

by Kacey

the combination of MegaMan and The Moon from DuckTales NES with the pseudonym "Duckss". I also added mega_bees because I thought the MegaMan tune sounded very good with bees after I found the right parameters.

"The Bird Bash"

by Barney Cline

"A Bassy Modern Major General"

by Emily Musgrove

"We Bill Rock You" (Queen ft Ducks)

by Abby Prince

"A Bee C by The Jackson 5"

by Brenden Reim

"Mr. Boing Sky"

by Snipes

"Space Chatter"

by Panda


by Ian

"Buzzing Adele"

by Hannah

"Doctor Who Theme"

by James

(using the nsynth dataset as a source)


by Chris Tralie

We had to drive our dog Theo to get a checkup at the vet, and he hates the car. At one point, "Take on Me" by Aha came on the radio. In an effort to get Theo to calm down, I started to sing it to him. Then I realized, I could have him sing along too by recording him at that moment and using "Let It Bee"