Assignment 2: Digital Instruments

Musical Statements

"Funky Horn"

by Josh


by not shark

I had a tune in my head which I know as "Monochrome." I used the Piano Roll Editor to put down a bunch of notes Without listening to what I had made until it was done, I tried to put down roughly what I thought it might sound like if it were to be visualized What came out was unqiue enough, so I renamed it to "Dichrome"


by Ben

"Descent Into Madness"

by Mike E

"Random Notes"

by Dylan

"Star Wars"

by Abby


by CS477GuruF2023

"Age of Worry"

by John Mayer

"Pokemon Theme Song"

by Hannah Jeffers

"The Clown Show"

by David


by Shark

"Bomberger Bells"

by Emily Musgrove

"Industry Baby"

by Brenden

My musical statement is a recreation of the catchy trumpet parts from Industry Baby by Lil Nas X. It is composed of two different trumpets and a snare.

"Alien Theme"

by A

"Clack Quack Sound"

by Anonymous

"Missy Drum Duo"

by Tom Snipes

"Arcade Game Over"

by Panda

"In A Rush?"

by Ian

"Doctor Who Theme"

by James


by Anonymous