Student Survey (3 Points)

Due Thursday 1/19


Send me answers to the questions below as a direct message on discord

  1. What is your name? (You can skip this if you've messaged me on discord in past semesters)
  2. What is your preferred name (You can skip this if you've messaged me on discord in past semesters)
  3. Do you have any preferred pronouns? (Optional)
  4. Drop-in office hours are Monday/Wednesday 3:30-5:00 and Friday at 10AM-11AM in person, remote office hours are Tuesdays 7PM - 9PM by appointment. Can you make at least 30 minutes of one of these slots? (Yes/No)
  5. Will you be working on homework off campus on a regular basis? (If so, we need to request access to the Ursinus VPN on your behalf).
  6. What are you majoring/minoring in, or what are you interested in majoring/minoring in?
  7. What operating system are you using? (Windows, Mac OS Intel, Mac OS M1, Linux, Other)
  8. What brings you to this class?
  9. What are you the most excited about in this class?
  10. What are you the most worried/concerned about in this class?
  11. Do you play a musical instrument? (It's fine if you don't! We'll be making our own digital instruments from scratch in this class!)
  12. What do you think you might want to do after Ursinus?
  13. Is there anything else you think I should know to help maximize your experience this semester? (Optional)

Math Skills Survey

This class will pull in a surprising amount of math, which is why Math 111 is a prerequisite. But there are things I will need to teach beyond that as we need them. Please fill out the anonymous survey at this link so I know how much time I need to spend on various topics.